About Us


Swayambhu Retail India Pvt Ltd  was founded in the golden era of 1970s by Shri Pardeep Kumar Agarwal and was formally established on October 6, 1973.

It was started as a small shop in the crowded streets of Bhuleshwar and today it has been transformed into an organized global business venture with some pioneering steps taken over the years by Shri Pradeep Agarwal and later supported by the next generation entrepreneur, Shri Rahul Agarwal.

Together the key promoters of the organisation complemented each other’s traits to grow the business exponentially. While Shri Pradeep Kumar Agarwal brings along his decades of experience in manufacturing and distribution of pooja articles, Shri Rahul Agarwal taps the new age marketing means to take the initiative to the next level.

Swayambhu is now one of the leading brands for spiritual products Brass & Marble Murties, Shringar & Vastra, Brass & Copper Utensils, Temples and Kanthi Malas.

With a wide range of collectible handicrafts items, Swayambhu offers the pleasure of shopping at our exclusive showrooms or ordering online from the comfort of your home. With more than 48 years of service to promote the devotional, spiritual and exclusive handcrafted collectible and gift items we assure you quality at the best prices in the market.

We are the most trusted brand for spirital  items and handicrafts in India and also patronage from other parts of the globe.


  • High quality spiritual and handicraft products at reasonable price
  • Wide range of unique collectibles from a catalogue ranging over 12,000 products
  • Exclusive showrooms for spiritual shopping experience
  • Online orderingavailable 24×7 for home delivery
      • Our products are exclusively handpicked.
      • Our specialization in Shringar & Vastra & Murties is unmatched.
      • Our elite tie-up with the best craftsmen in the handicraft industry.

    Swayambhu Retail India Pvt Ltd was set up to be a repository of knowledge pertaining to spirituality and Godliness. We continue to relentlessly remind the masse about the benefits that spiritual lifestyle brings along especially in the current competitive times when stress levels among the youth are the highest. We always look at our initiatives as small and honest contributions towards preserving our values and religiosity.