Parshwanath Idol – 22cm

Weight:1600 grams
Dimension ( Height) : (in cm)22.86 Cm Or 9 Inches

MRP: 17,500.00

(Incl. Of All Taxes)

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This idol is hand-crafted by our Murtikar’s and is craved out of one piece marble.

Since the idol is hand-crafted every piece has it’s own uniqueness.
Our states are specially hand painted with gold foil which never looses it’s charm and gives a lively feeling to the idols.
Our idols are securely packed individually wooden cases and shipped across taking utmost care.

Parshwanath History

Lord Parshwanath is the 23rd Tirthankara of Jainism. Lord Parshwanath is considered to be of great importance in Jain Dharam. His idol’s philosophy is only to give a sense of peace in life. In the Puranas, Parshwanath was actually a historical person. Prior to that, the stream of the Labour religion was not recognized in the general public. It was from Parshwanath that the workers were recognised. He emerged as the early icon of the Laborers. The main symbols of Parshwanath are the snake, the chaitya tree-dhava, the Yaksha-Matang, the Yakshani-Kushmadi, etc.

Lord Parshwanath was born in Varanasi on the day of Paush Krishna Ekadashi about three thousand years ago. His father, Ashwani, was the king of Varanasi. Their mother’s name was ‘Wama’. His early life was spent as a prince. Before becoming a Tirthankara, Parshwannath had to take nine pre-births. Brahmins in the first birth, elephants in the second, the god of heaven in the third, the king in the fourth, the deity in the fifth, the ruler of the sixth birth and the deity in the seventh birth, the king in eight and King Indra in the ninth birth then the tenth birth, he had the privilege of becoming a Tirthankara. As a result of the accumulated virtues of previous births and the penance of the tenth birth, they become Tirthankaras.

Idol Worship

Nav-Anga Puja (Chandan Puja)
This Pujä involves pujä of nine limbs with chandan (sandalwood) and water paste; and pujä of each limb is associated with a particular spiritual aspiration, mantra and intention.

The Nine Points (with their mantra to recite)
(Svetambar tradition)
1. Right Toe, Left Toe: Namo Arihantänarm
2. Right Knee, Left Knee: Namo Siddhänam
3. Right center of Arm, Left Arm: Namo Äyariyänam
4. Right Shoulder, Left Shoulder: Namo Uvajjhäyänam
5. Top of Head (center): Namo Loe Savvasähünam
6. Center of Forehead: Eso Pancha Namukkäro
7. Center of Throat: Savvapävappanäsano
8. Center of Chest: Mangalä Nam Cha Savve Sim
9. Navel: Padhamam Havai Mangala Mehta

Spritual Aspiration of each Anga puja

(1) two toes of the feet (symbolizes the preservation of the energy – Viryarakshä),
(2) two knees (symbolizes self-efforts & self-initiatives – Swädhinatä),
(3) two wrists (symbolizes donation, good deeds),
(4) the shoulders (symbolizes absence of ego and mighty shoulders that swam thru the ocean of misery), (5) the head (symbolizes moksha),
(6) the forehead (symbolizes third eye, inner eye to the self),
(7) the throat (symbolizes the most auspicious speech),
(8) the chest (symbolizes purity of heart by eradication of attachment and aversion) and
(9) the naval (symbolizes three jewels – perfect perception, perfect knowledge and perfect conduct).

Significance of each Anga:

1. Toes – Oh! Arihanta, you traveled great distances by foot to preach to the ignorant souls and to show them the right path of life. I therefore worship your feet. I wish for that kind of strength so that I can also bring righteousness to others and myself.
2. Knees – With the help of these knees you stood motionless in meditation for days and achieved omniscience. By worshipping your knees I wish to find the strength to meditate.
3. Forearm – Even though you had all the amenities and riches, you gave away everything with these hands, to realize your true self and to show the right path to mankind. All living beings were safe at your hands, as you promised them safety. By worshipping your forearm, I wish I do not get attached to material wealth, and I promise nonviolence towards all living beings.
4. Shoulders – Even though you possessed the strength, you never misused it and never had pride. Your strength also carried the burden of saving others. Likewise, I wish I never become proud and I am able to carry responsibilities.
5. Head – Bhagawän, you were always absorbed in self-realization and in the betterment of all living beings. I wish to have the ability to think about the wellbeing of others. Siddha-shilä is located on the top of the universe. By worshipping the head, I wish to reach Siddha-shilä.
6. Forehead – The Tirthankar radiates unconditional compassion and love to all living beings of the three worlds and hence all the three worlds pray to the Tirthankar. You are the crown jewel of three worlds. You were able to endure pleasure and pain equally. Worshipping your forehead will bring such good qualities to me.
7. Throat – With your soothing and sweet sermon, you touched so many lives and helped them to realize their own true nature. Let my speech work for the good of others.
8. Heart – Oh! Vitaräga Bhagawän! Your heart is full of amity, compassion, and mercy. Likewise, I wish my heart be full of these virtues.
9. Navel – The navel is the center of concentration of the mind during meditation. I wish to attain the highest form of meditation to realize the self, as you did. I wish for that strength by worshipping your navel.


(A) Right and Left sides mentioned here are of the idol or Murti and not of the person doing puja
(B) Right Toe is on the opposite side the Right Knee, Arm and Shoulder of the idol
(C) Do not put Chandan on the palm or any other body parts of the idol
(D) Use the ring finger of the right hand for chandan puja. The finger nail should not touch the idol.

Care Instructions:

Clean Gently with a sponge dipped in a non caustic soapy water. and let it set dry. Do not rub to dry.


Do not use bleach, acids or harsh abrasives on marble.

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Marble Parshwanath

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