Marble Saraswati Idol – 26cm


Color:Handpainted with gold foil
Weight:4.400 Kgs or 9.700 pounds (approx)
Dimensions(In Cms) :-26*18.5*9 (H*L*W)
Country Of Origin:INDIA
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  • Country Of Origin: INDIA

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Marble Saraswati

This idol is hand-crafted by our Murtikar’s and is craved out of one piece marble.
Since the idol is hand-crafted every piece has it’s own uniqueness.
Our states are specially hand painted with gold foil which never looses it’s charm and gives a lively feeling to the idols.
Our idols are securely packed individually wooden cases and shipped across taking utmost care.

Marble Saraswati

Significance Of Saraswati:-

As the goddess of knowledge, literature, music, and the arts, Saraswati is said to be the mother of the Vedas, the four holy books of Hinduism. She is also associated with intelligence, creativity, education, and enlightenment.

  • Saraswati is usually pictured dressed in white to symbolize pure illumination.
  • She rides a swan or a peacock, and usually is shown with four hands: in one she holds a book; in another she holds prayer beads (because she is the source of spiritual knowledge) her other two hands hold a Veena- this is a sitar-like musical instrument.

Saraswati is especially revered by students and teachers.

Care Instructions:

Clean Gently with a sponge dipped in a non caustic soapy water. and let it set dry. Do not rub to dry.


Do not use bleach, acids or harsh abrasives on marble.

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