Marble Nakoda Bhairav Idol – 18cm

Color:Handpainted with gold foil
Weight:1.35 kg or 2.97 pounds (approx)
Dimensions(In Cms) :18*11*4 (H*L*W)
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Marble Nakoda Bhairav

This idol is hand-crafted by our Murtikar’s and is craved out of one piece marble.
Since the idol is hand-crafted every piece has it’s own uniqueness.
Our states are specially hand painted with gold foil which never looses it’s charm and gives a lively feeling to the idols.
Our idols are securely packed individually wooden cases and shipped across taking utmost care.


The word bhairava is a generic term used all over South Asia to denote some form of deity. It is derived from the Sanskrit verb root bhi, meaning ‘terrible’, ‘frightening’. The name ‘Nakoda Bhairava’ thus means the ‘bhairava of Nakoda’. Although it is not clear what the nature of Nakoda Bhairava and his cult was before he was installed in the Jain temple, it seems reasonable to assume certain points. Firstly, at some point Nakoda Bhairava was a local deity without strong links to Jainism, similar to the many other bhairavas found in Rajasthani villages. Secondly, it can be assumed that he was incorporated into a more defined sphere of Jain religious activity and infrastructure, much like other protective deities such as the goddess Saciya Mata.

The many bhairavas found all over India tend to be associated with the Hindu god Siva, whose favorite weapon, the trident, is found in one of Nakoda Bhairava’s hands. Supporting this connection to Śiva are two things. The first is magic formulas – mantras – in some of the hymns to Nakoda Bhairava. Secondly, there are popular emblems with an image of Nakoda Bhairava next to a sacred diagram – yantra.

Mantra for Workship:

*श्री नाकोडा भैरव मंत्र*
ऊँ हीँ क्लाम् क्लीम् क्लुम् खाम खीम
खुम स्वाहा कुरुं कुरुं आपदा उद्वारणाय ,
स्वर्ण आकर्षणाय, श्री नाकोडा भैरवाय
मम् दरिद्रम् निर्मूल करणाय,
लोकेष्वराय, साँणदाय
ऊँ महाभैरवाय नमः

Workship include:
bathing the idol – Praksal Puja
offering saffron – kesar puja
burning incense – dhoop puja
offering perfume – itr puja
offering flowers – puṣpa puja
the final offering of the lamp ceremony – Arati

Marble Nakoda Bhairav

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