Marble Ghantakarna Mahavir Idol – 12cm

Weight:Depend On Size
Dimension (Height) :12.7 Cm Or 5 Inches

MRP: 7,500.00

(Incl. Of All Taxes)

Usually Dispatched in 4-5 Working Days


Marble Ghantakarna Mahavir

This idol is hand-crafted by our Murtikar’s and is craved out of one piece marble.
Since the idol is hand-crafted every piece has it’s own uniqueness.
Our states are specially hand painted with gold foil which never looses it’s charm and gives a lively feeling to the idols.
Our idols are securely packed individually wooden cases and shipped across taking utmost care.


Ghantakarna Mahavir

Ghantakarna Mahavira is a Jain deity from the Jain tradition and is worshiped and venerated by some specific monastic lineages and probably many laymen. He is one of the fifty-two viras (protector deities) and is called Mahavira (Great vira). The verse 67 of Gantakarana Mantra Stotra by Vimalachandra states that he is worshipped since the time of Haribhaddra (c. 6-8th century). There is other corroborating evidence. In Ghantakrana-kalpa, Vimalachandra mentions him as a vira as well as Kshetraphala (guardian deity of the land). Late commentary on the Namiuna-stava (verse 1) also mentions his veneration. The veneration transmitted from the teacher to the disciple. Ravisagar Suri initiated Buddhisagar Suri (1874-1925) in February 1898. After having direct vision of Ghantakarna, Buddhisagar Suri established an image of Ghantakarna at Mahudi Jain Temple. The worship is further popularised by Jayasimha Suri, Sarabhai Nawab and other Swetambara people. Ghantakarna is not known among Digambara Jains. John E Cort states it as a reformulation of a private tradition in a devotional public tradition


Marble Ghantakarna Mahavir

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