Gautam Swami Idol – 12cm

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Marble Gautam Swami

This idol is hand-crafted by our Murtikar’s and is craved out of one piece marble.

Since the idol is hand-crafted every piece has it’s own uniqueness.
Our states are specially hand painted with gold foil which never looses it’s charm and gives a lively feeling to the idols.
Our idols are securely packed individually wooden cases and shipped across taking utmost care.

Gautama was the senior-most of 11 gandharas (chief disciples) of Mahavira. He had two brothers Agnibhuti and Vayubhuti who also became ganadhara of Mahavira. Other ganadhara were Vyakta, Sudharmaswami Mandikata Mauryaputra, Akampita, Acalabharata, Metarya and Prabhasa. A stone pillar of Utaroda mentions Mahagiri as one of Ganadharas of Mahavira who had Utara as his chief disciple.

In Jain traditional accounts, Gautama is believed to have gained Kevala Janana (omniscience) immediately after the moksha (liberation) of Mahavira. He was succeeded by Sudharmaswami who is believed to have gained omniscience after a further 12 years.

According to the elaboration of Debate with the Ganadhara by Jinabhadra, the learned Brahmin Gautama summoned the gods to a great sacrifice but instead they flew off to hear Mahavira preaching at his second samavasarana near by. In fury, Gautama confronted Mahavira in debate, as did ten other brahmins in succession, with the fordmaker converting them all by a demonstration, underpinned by his claim to omniscience. According to Svetambara texts, Gautama had a meeting with Keśī (ganadhara of Parshvanatha). Svetambaras write Gautama’s name in new account books as a sign of auspiciousness in the new year.

Gautama is connected with prosperity as he fed some monks using his magical powers. Gautama is mentioned in the Exposition of Explanations, as an interpreter of Mahavira. It is further mentioned that they have been friends in their previous incarnations and will attain moksha in the one which they are now

Care Instructions:

Clean Gently with a sponge dipped in a non caustic soapy water. and let it set dry. Do not rub to dry.


Do not use bleach, acids or harsh abrasives on marble.

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Marble Gautam Swami

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