Brass Cow Krishna Idol – 13cm

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Brass Cow Krishna Idol:

Significance Of Krishna:-

Krishna is the god of love, compassion, tenderness, and love in Hinduism and is one of the most popular and widely revered among Indian divinities. The product is gold plated with shine finish so looks very beautiful. Krishna used his flute in his pastime to attract his devotees. Devotees used to forget all their fear and anxieties by listening to his music. You can keep this form to create harmony and peace in your home and work place. This is made in brass-metal casting with shine finish. Perfect for gifting during House Warming’s, business gifts, welcome gifts and festivals etc.

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare;  Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare

By chanting this Mantra, you can seek the blessings of Shri Rama as well as Shri Krishna, the two avatars of Shri Vishnu.

Mantras that chant on any day:

ॐ श्री कृष्णः शरणं ममः
Om Sri Krishnah sharanam mamah

Meaning: Meaning : ‘To the beloved Lord Krishna I pray to take me under your shelter, I surrender to you Oh lord.’ Benefit : A chant of Sri Krishna’s name takes away all the miseries and grief’s from one’s life and mind and gives him the shelter of peace.

ॐ कृष्णाय नमः
OM Krishnaya Namah

Meaning : ‘Accept my salutations, Oh Sri Krishna.’ Benefit : This small chant is often recited by believers in their daily course of life.

ॐ देव्किनन्दनाय विधमहे वासुदेवाय धीमहि तन्नो कृष्ण:प्रचोदयात
OM Devakinandanaye Vidmahe Vasudevaye Dhi Mahi Tanno Krishna Prachodayat

Meaning: A chant of Sri Krishna’s name takes away all the miseries and griefs from one’s life and mind.

How to chant Lord Krishna mantras:

  • The ideal time to chant Krishna mantra is Brahma Muhurat.
  • Seat in front of a Lord Krishna Idol Or photo.
  • Chant the chosen mantra in multiples of 108 times keeping count with a Tulsi mala.
  • Always rotate the rosary on your three fingers (joining together little finger, ring finger and middle finger) with the thumb while keeping the index finger curled.

Krishna mantra chanting benefits:

The most important benefit of chanting the Hare Krishna mantra is to find God-realization and pure love of God. When our consciousness becomes one with God, our spiritual movement is depicted in our characters and behavior, just as how the sun approaches the horizon, it is preceded by warmth and illumination.

Brass Cow Krishna

Care Instructions:

Wipe & Clean with Dry Cloth, do not use steel wool or wire mesh and any harsh chemicals for cleaning it.


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Brass Cow Krishna

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